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IPMA certification of project, programme and portfolio managers is a methodological process developed by IPMA based on EN ISO 17024. Norsk Sertifisering AS (CB) has been appointed by the Norsk Forening for Prosjektledelse (NFP) to conduct IPMA certification in Norway. An IPMA certification applicant does not have to be a member of the NFP.

The certification is carried out by assessing and verifying that a person has competencies that satisfy IPMA's requirements for professional project, program or portfolio management.

The certification can be conducted in Norwegian or English. After a successful completion of the certification, certificate is issued. The certificate is valid for 5 years.

Project, programme and portfolio

Project - A temporary multidisciplinary organization established with the intention of delivering one or more products or reaching a defined target, usually within a planned time and resource framework.

Programme - A temporary, flexible organization established to coordinate, monitor and manage a set of related projects and activities to deliver results and benefits that support the organization's strategic goals. A program often has duration for several years, and the program's projects can be executed in sequence or with full or partial parallelism.

Portfolio - All programs, projects and activities performed by an organization, multiple organizations or parts of an organization, to reach the organization's strategic goals.

Domains and Levels

The IPMA 4-L-C system is divided into three domains (areas): Project, program and portfolio. In the three domains, projects operate on four levels (A, B, C and D), while the program and portfolio operate on two levels (A and B). This brings together eight profiles in the IPMA 4-L-C system, as described below.

IPMA's definition of levels is as follows:

  • Level A will cover the leadership of others highly complex projects, programmes or portfolios throughout all phases.

  • Level B will cover the leadership of others in complex projects, programs or portfolios throughout all phases.

  • Level C will cover the management of others in projects of moderate complexity throughout all phases, and through the application of knowledge / theory from all relevant competence elements.

  • • Level D shall cover knowledge across all competence elements.

Project Programme Portfolio
A Certified Project Director Certified Programme Director Certified Portfolio Director
B Certified Senior Project Manager Certified Senior Programme Manager Certified Senior Portfolio Manager
C Certified Project Manager
D Certified Project Management Associate

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